The full 2015-2016 Los Angeles Clippers schedule for the Los Angeles Clippers has now been released by the NBA, and you won’t need to wait very long to see one of the most anticipated games of the year. The battle of L.A. will take place on Christmas day versus the rebuilding Los Angeles Lakers, it should be a great match up with the Clippers favored to win big.

After DeAndre Jordan narrowly escaped the Dallas Mavericks and decided to return to the Clippers instead, there is a potential rivalry between these two teams to say the least. The Clippers’ game against the Mavericks at the end of October and the match-up against the defending champion Golden State Warriors on November 4 are easily two of the best nights to look forward to at the beginning of the season. And despite the long wait till October, at least we know exactly what’s in store when the 2015-16 season finally begins.

Over the past four years, the Los Angeles Clippers haven’t had trouble dominating the regular season. However, piles of wins haven’t translated to postseason success and the validation that comes with it. Hopefully this will be the year the Los Angeles Clippers are able to make it out of the second round and beyond. Vegas odds makers have the Clippers odds as of today at 12-1.

But after an off-season filled with drama, cunning salary-cap management and smart wheeling and dealing, the Clippers are in position to put together their most complete campaign in recent memory. Not only was L.A. successful in prying DeAndre Jordan from the clutches of the Dallas Mavericks, but the Clippers restocked their perimeter depth with Paul Pierce, Lance Stephenson and Josh Smith, each of whom was acquired via low-cost or low-risk deals.

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