Daddy Yankee Don Omar The Kingdom tour is exactly what Daddy Yankee and Don Omar’s fans have been waiting to see them perform together. That dream came true when the reggaeton superstars announced The Kingdom US Tour last year. The two titans of reggaeton are spinning together under the banner of Kingdom Tour . Daddy Yankee, named as one of the most influential worldwide by CNN and Time Magazine Hispanics and Don Omar, who became a star of Latin music from 2006 with King of Kings , keep thousands of fans foot while destroying rhymes based on a classic tiradera, a legendary face-to-face.
After Yankee and Omar’s participation in the 2016 Billboard Latin Music Conference, the tour’s future was uncertain, but at the end both superstars were able to put differences aside to finally kick off the anticipated tour last month in New York. On Saturday (Aug. 6) the tour made its stop in Miami — at a sold-out American Airlines arena — where we realized that the show now has a new concept. It’s far from its original idea — but, it still shows why these two are reggaeton kings.
The rivalry between these two geniuses of the urban genre is its main source of income “that we live in,” said Don Omar once and was not kidding. The Kingdom Tour business is a round of 60 dates and Omar Yankee stage is scheduled to last two years. The partnership includes an album together and a television program of the two artists. Between the two have eleven hits No. 1 on the charts of Latin popularity, 28 hits top 10 on Hot Latin Songs, more than 50 million followers on Facebook and Twitter, and according to Nielsen Music has sold more than 5 million albums only in United States.
If something shows on stage is that. A playful rivalry that requires each hardest, professional and creative. They are challenged personally and professionally all the time. That enriches their careers and their letters. The Kingdom now are giving the best performances of tiraderas that have occurred in history. Yes, they are rivals because of that live. They are partners because there is no better business to millions intelligently challenge yourself against people who admire them. And there is no better sign of respect given time to hear the other offensive and prepare yours in those seconds that the standing ovation predominates in stadiums.
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Daddy Yankee & Don Omar Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA
8:00 PM

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